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    List of Inspectors General and Chief constables

    Lt. Col. Sir Charles Wickham, K.C.M.G, K.B.E., D.S.O., June 1922

    Sir Richard Pim, K.B.E., V.R.D., D.L., August 1945

    Sir Albert Kennedy, K.P.M., January 1961

    Mr. J.A. Peacock, C.B.E., February 1969

    Sir Arthur Young, C.M.G., C.P.O., K.P.M., November 1969.
    (Inspector-General, later Chief Constable.)

    Sir Graham Shillington, C.B.E., November 1970 (Chief Constable)

    Sir James Flanagan, C.B.E., November 1973 (Chief Constable)

    Sir Kenneth Newman, L.L.B., F.I.B.M., May 1976 (Chief Constable)

    Sir John Hermon, O.B.E., January 1980 (Chief Constable)

    Sir Hugh Annesley, Q.P.M., June 1989 (Chief Constable)

    Sir Ronnie Flanagan O.B.E MA. October 1996 (Chief Constable)